Welcome to my web site .


All football supporters are welcome to this site , particularly  players and coaches who have played  for me  or  worked with me during my career. I wish for this site to be a meeting place for those thousands of  young people ( now adults and in many cases old adults!)  from my past to the present day to keep in touch . I also welcome the  many people who read this site who have had no connection with me but find some of the contents interesting.


Welcome to the site Finnish players and coaches who have attended or assisted me with my Finnish Football Schools, which have been a great success over many decades  across Finland, in Rauma,  Uusikaupunki , Turku , Masku , Lisalmi  and  Seinajoki.

As the representative in England for the famous Kokkola Cup I have encouraged teams from the UK and Ireland to take part in it. I have taken my own teams there many times and also to the City Friendship Cup in Turku, Tournaments in Tornio and Ekenas  and the Indoor Tournaments at Seinajoki and Lahti .

You can get details of the Wonderful Kokkola Cup on this web site.


Denmark has always been a special place for me and in particular the village of Norhalne in Northern Jutland. I have visited this small community over 100 times with my teams .   I am the  UK and Irish representative of  their wonderful Norhalne Cup . It is my hope that many more teams will participate as a result of reading about it on  this web site.


I have always derived great pride in turning many talented young players into professionals . In fact I think the greatest success in my career has been the very special football, social and cultural education I gave my young players many of whom went on to play for their countries and Premiership and Football League clubs. I hope that reading their stories under Testimonials and Old Boys on this web site will give some insights into how this was achieved and why it was so important to the young players who were members of my squads.

I am Irish and a supporter of the Irish National Team.  I follow them both at home and abroad and have been fortunate in encouraging Irish players in my squads to gain places in the Irish national teams. I hope that I can generate interest in Irish football through this site.


I love music in particular rock and blues and think I am a bit of an expert on Bob Dylan ! My Music sesction mentions him a few times !  I follow  F1, and have had a life long interest in motorcycle racing. I travel  widely with my wife and family  so may well add   items  about these from time to time.


I prefer Moto GP to F1 ( which I also enjoy)


That and other things you will find on this site. Sometimes I go off on one ! usually nothing to do with normal things on the site - for that I apologise.